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Multiple peiced wood scuplture by Thomas Haney Intarsia Torso Back is the back view of a female torso in poplar with a walnut swish
Intarsia Torso Back

Intarsia wood sculpting involves careful piecing of multiple species of wood for one sculpture, often done in two dimensions to resemble a fine wooden jigsaw puzzle.  Here a two inch thick board of poplar has been cut to allow the U shaped piece of walnut to be inserted.  The fitted and glued work all the same thickness was then hand carved in relief reveling the back view of a standing woman.  The walnut drapes her like a piece of fabric, swishes and shaping in both woods add detail and interest.  Intarsia Torso Back has a smooth varnish finish and inlaid wire for wall hanging at 10 ½" x 17" x 2".

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