Thomas Haney Phantasmagorical Fine Art
Prices and Other Practicalities
  All art work displayed in this online gallery is for sale.  We use the web for display and letting you find us.  Buying the art happens offline using traditional methods, no credit cards yet.   
Prints: Limited edition prints The Room, Phase Relics, and Morpheus Studio One are all $150.
                All other prints are $100.
     Print price includes shipping in the US except Alaska and Hawaii.  For destinations beyond the difference in shipping cost will be added to the price.    Some prints have the option to be matted and framed prior to sale.  Please ask and we will give you the details on appearance as well as price and shipping cost differences. 

Paintings and Sculpture price varies greatly some under $1,000 most over $1,000.  Please let us know what interests you and if you like make an offer.  Please do not let the potential price keep you from expressing your interest; payment arrangements, bartering, and reduced price from commission on sales you bring are all options.  When packing and shipping original paintings and sculptures; there can be as many variables as in the art work itself.  We will work with you to find a method of transport that gets the art to you safely.  When possible a studio visit at the completion of the sale is recommended for safest transit. 
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