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Thomas Haney's walnut sculpture of basket weave style releif forming a woman.
Woven Woman
Back of Thomas Haney's Woven Woman wooden sculpture in walnut.back viewDetailed view of top front of Thomas Haney's Woven Woman Sculpture
Detail view of Woven Woman
For a sculptor who has already covered the torso in many unusual but realistic manners this sculpture is still exceptionally unique.  Woven Woman started as the desire to sculpt a figure using only the positive space of a lace pattern.  Just as detail matters in finished sculpture many layers of detailed planning started this sculpture.  Great deliberation on size was part of the dilemma.  With wood as the media finding walnut in dimensions large enough for possibility but small enough to finish in one lifetime.  Thomas Haney started by getting the full detail of the female torso carved into the walnut block.  Then he refined his lace pattern to be sure that it would be possible to carve allowing for enough width of the 'woven' remaining wood to support the sculpture.  Having marked out carefully the basket weave pattern he chose he then proceeded to hollow out the back of the torso leaving only half an inch of walnut for the woven pattern.  The truly tedious work started carefully removing the wood from the openings in the weave.  This followed by a great deal of sanding due to the much greater amount of surface area in relation to a normal solid sculpture.  Several coats of penetrating oil provide uniform glow to the walnut and protection from light handling.  All told Woven Woman is 4"x11"x22".

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