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Swish of a Woman in Surreal World

Abstract with Face and Lace

Three Girls on Beach W/ Cubes

Lounging on Rocks on a Misty Day

The Room

Phase Relics

Morpheus Studio One

Pax Vo Bis Com

Figure in Red

Dream Weaver 8

Folk Singer

Background and Foreground Tricks

Fine Art Meets Car Art

Jungle Gym Girls

Full Moons City Style

Celtic Knot Work on Females

Young Woman Encapsulated in Pink

Amy's Eye

Dream Weaver 9

Printed Gallery Part Two
  Welcome to the online gallery of fine art prints by Thomas Haney.  You are looking at two main kinds of prints, limited edition signed numbered lithographs and open edition digital prints.  The three limited editions available are The Room, Phase Relics, and Morpheus Studio One.  They hold the advantage of traditional archival quality and greater collector appeal.  The rest of the print gallery holds open or unlimited edition prints.  These are printed by Thomas Haney using the highest quality paper and ink available on an as needed basis.  Some are dye sublimation prints these are the last of that exact size of those prints due to change in technology.  To make things less confusing to you the buyer of these fine art prints you only have two prices to consider.  Limited edition prints are $150 all other prints $100 both including shipping in the US, Alaska and Hawaii and international will be more based on actual cost.  Please check on price and availability as we communicate on your purchase.  Don’t forget to view the second half of the print gallery
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