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A Refreshing View of  Multidimensional Explorations Focusing Mostly on the Female Form
Thomas Haney painting Dream 1:05 linking to gallery of paintings
Thomas Haney Sculpture Intarsia Torso Back, Sculptor Thomas Haney exhibits wood, bronze, and mixed media sculpture
Thomas Haney Digital Painting Swish of a Woman in Surreal World, Artist Thomas Haney’s fine art prints including limited edition lithograph.
  Welcome to the web art gallery for Virginia fine artist Thomas Haney.   The art work displayed here has unique style, called phantasmagorical by the artist, also described as curvilinear, surrealistic, modern, abstract, and or photorealistic.  Some pieces resemble style names more than others.  As you explore the fantastic imagery of this online fine art gallery you will discover for yourself Thomas Haney’s style.   All the art has his signature of the interlocking TH.   Attention to detail, perspective, and exquisite smooth finishes characterize his fine art work.  His original art work includes the original painting, sculpture, and digital paintings.  Media are acrylic paint, colored pencil, card instead of canvas, mixed media, wood, bronze, plaster, and clear acrylic Plexiglass.  All art work in the gallery is for sale, for some artwork you have the option to buy limited edition prints.  
  The gallery has three main parts paintings, sculpture, and prints.  The wood gallery is all the sculptures with wood as media.  If your interest is in spiritual art we made a gallery for you.  Both the wood and spiritual galleries are selective organization of art works already shown in the main fine painting gallery, fine sculpture gallery, or fine print gallery. 
  Subject matter, Thomas Haney’s art depicts beautiful things as he perceives them.   The beauty, grace, and proportions exhibited by the female form are represented in his work.
  Most recent sculpture Cobalt Vase Girl finished along with Stump Face and Wave Form Riding.  In prints the Virginia Dear Series followed by two surrealistic prints.
  Even newer work on display now, two years worth of art added to the gallery in the summer of 2011, the Intarsia Series of sculpture having been finished first. 

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